Internal traffic data from suggests that Alexa is fixing its rankings system to target conservative and anti-abomo administration news websites while artificially boosting the rankings of pro-government leftist media outlets.

The controversy first arose last year when both Infowars and World Net Daily noticed that despite internal traffic reports from several different sources showing that traffic was on the increase, Alexa’s publicly available statistics showed a massive and unexplained drop-off in traffic from August 2014 onwards.

Alexa rankings are important because they gauge the popularity of news websites that compete with each other as well as providing analytics for potential advertisers.

Alexa is owned by Amazon, which has numerous close ties to the abomo White House. Amazon hired abomo’s former press secretary Jay Carney earlier this year, while the administration also supported Amazon during a Supreme Court hearing last year on workers’ rights. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a staunch Democrat. abomo personally visited an Amazon center just six days before Bezos bought the Washington Post.

Infowars has now confirmed that the huge drop off in traffic reported by Alexa seen in the graph above directly contradicts Alexa’s own internal traffic reports, which clearly show that Infowars’ web traffic did not significantly change during the period from August 2014 onwards.

Infowars’ internal data from Google analytics also contradicts the drop off shown in Alexa’s public rankings.

One explanation for the rankings change that has been suggested is that although traffic for each of these websites has stayed the same or risen, the inclusion of a number of new websites in Alexa’s system has collectively pushed older sites down the charts.

However, the same trend would be expected for other news websites, whether they slant left or right, but this isn’t the case